About Us

What drives me is simple, “I love to see people succeed.” SAR Practitioners was developed to do exactly that - help businesses and people succeed.

If you are seeking financial assistance, peace of mind and financial security, it’s time to build a partnership with an advisor.

Are you an individual or family looking for tax minimisation strategies or merely a general understanding of your income and taxation position?  SAR Practitioners will not only take care of your finances but give you peace of mind as well as the opportunity to grow your wealth.

Are you starting a business or already operational?  SAR Practitioners specialise in Tax and Compliance matters facing your business while operating as a virtual Chief Financial Officer to drive your business forward in the following areas:

  • Budgeting

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Operating Efficiencies

Our role starts with building your business plan then monitors its progress and measures its success.

The best way to determine if we are the right firm for you is to meet with us;  so why not give me a call or complete the form so we can arrange a time to discuss your future.

Shane Ryan