Whatever your situation, it’s time to engage a partner and advisor to manage and grow your portfolio. SAR will work with you to maximise your financial position as well as enhance your ability to reach your business and/or life goals.

How do we differ from other accounting firms?

Most accounting firms are reactive to clients’ financial needs. Our goal is to help you build a better, more profitable/valuable business by combining the knowledge of your business with consulting tools and expertise leveraged against industry information.



A good accountant will be interested in you, willing to develop an understanding of your employment and financial goals to stay a step ahead of your financial journey.

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Starting a Business or Becoming a Contractor

There is a lot to consider when commencing a business or becoming a contractor making expert guidance essential.                                                                  

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Whether you are starting a family or already under way, it’s important to have an advisor who cares about your family’s financial requirements.                               


Small or Medium Business

SAR’s mission is to adopt a proactive approach to the growth and profitability of your business whilst ensuring legitimate tax minimisation strategies are implemented within your structures.